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Time to Speak Up Without Fear by Monica M. Brinkman

It has become quite baffling and confusing to me, as the years’ tick on, how people within the world find it necessary to maintain continued conflict.

It has become evident to me that many governments purpose is one of power and greed. I reluctantly state this, but Russia and the US are right there at the top. Tell me truthfully, how many wars were necessary to ensure the safety of the US citizens and/or our foreign friends? How many young people sacrificed their lives for naught? Examples are Vietnam and now, the Middle East conflicts that continues to this very day.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with CIA agents as well as government officials, who entered into their fields fully confident they were acting as peacekeepers of the country and world. What they found was a government intent upon control of other nations. What they also found was a government who placed monetary gain above all else. If a country did not do as the US wished, they would simply take the leader out, often under false pretense.

Know what you, the reader is thinking. Yes, we did need to intervene, and should have done so sooner, when Hitler began his horrific rein. Shockingly, it took so long because many powerful and wealthy individuals such as Ford, ITT, and American Standard Oil had invested their money and products within Germany and did not believe or looked the other way at the rumors coming out of Hitler’s true intentions.

Liken the greed and power to something simpler. The laws on marijuana. Hemp, marijuana, pot, call it what you wish, was an accepted part of many countries and used to manufacture numerous products. It was not illegal. Then came the prohibition of alcohol, backed for the most part by Conservative Christians. We all saw what occurred. The Mafia took it into their own hands to take over he alcohol control within the country and bootlegging prevailed. The government and local police stations within cities could not control the Mafia’s hold, and they eventually gave in to the legalization of alcohol.

In 1930, a new division in the Treasury Department was established — the Federal Bureau of Narcotics — and Harry J. Anslinger was named director. This, if anything, marked the beginning of the all-out war against marijuana. He realized, without the prohibition of alcohol, drugs such as cocaine, codeine, morphine were not prevalent enough to maintain the Department. Thus, he added marijuana to the list of illegal drugs. One of the largest campaigns began, supported by the News Media and even Hollywood, with their release of such movies a ‘Reefer Madness’. Slanted and untruthful headlines filled the papers and air waves, until, eventually and as planned, the citizens believed the words.

Does any of this sound familiar? If not, it should and it should also scare the hell out of you.

Instead of drugs, the US government along with the wealthy and powerful are centering on using peoples’ religion and fear of terrorists to control the masses. It is no secret why the politicians focused on issues such as abortion, immigrants, and gun control to deceivingly brainwash a huge part of the population. They used hate, racism, moral choices, climate change and fear as their weapons of choice. From preachers in churches, radio talk shows and news stations, whom they controlled, it was easy enough to reel in those who trusted these organizations. As sheep to the slaughter, they followed, unaware of the devastation their actions would ultimately create.

My questions are these:

When will people realize we are all humans on this planet?

If you do believe in a great Creator of all. When will you understand, then, that we are all part of that creation; brothers and sisters within the world?

When will people stand up for life instead of death?

When will differences in appearance and religion be accepted, rather than used as weapons to maim and kill?

And, the biggee, when will we, as a nation and world, understand war, greed, hostility creates the same, while peace, love and understanding creates harmony within the country and world?

Yes, I am tired; I am weary of it all, so many well-meaning individuals caught up in the propaganda the rich, greedy and powerful continue to push upon them. I am sick of heart that instead of defending life, we defend death.

In ending, remember, remaining silent and compliant equals acceptance and conformation of the acts and deeds spent against people within our country and our world. Time we, to put it bluntly, grew some balls, and took back decency, care, concern, and most of all love, within our lives.

You have a choice. I know which mine is. Do you?

Monica M. Brinkman,
Author, Radio Personality

Power of the Common Person  By Delinda McCann


Power is a curious force.  We read about Wellington and Admiral Nelson, or on this side of the pond, we learn about George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and General Ulysses S. Grant.  They were all powerful men to be sure. Still, where would a great general be without his soldiers?

We the people are the true greatest power on earth.  Consider the teacher in the classroom, teaching children to read, do math and express themselves.  No wonder politicians think we have a crisis in education.  Those common, underpaid, over worked citizens hold in their classrooms the power to topple the most powerful political regime simply by educating the children in their care to think and to reason. Knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

Think about the common builder who holds the power and knowledge to build a house or a whole community of homes.  He can actually create something of lasting value to the community.  Any bully can destroy, but true power lies with those who create and build something that lasts beyond their lifetime.

In the eighties, a musician in Russia got an idea.  I’m not certain I ever learned his name.  He composed an hour long program of music for children.  He joined with more common people and found funding.  He found the children of common citizens and taught them his music.  They traveled the world singing with children from the countries they visited.  In Seattle, my daughter sang with this group as about four hundred children took to the stage to sing about peace, hope and loving your neighbor.  This was at the height of the cold war when our President was spending trillions on a star wars program capable of destroying the Soviet Union. That is, while the power elite set about destroying economies and promoting the misery of many people, the children where changing hearts and giving people hope for the future.  I’ll vote for the children as the greater power.

When you sit back and think about it, you will realize that the common people of this world are busy as an ant hill creating beauty and new technologies.  All the power elite in all of history have not created the change created by common, often lazy, people finding a better way to do a tedious job.  It is the labor of thousands of ordinary citizens that build our airplanes, grow our food, make our roads and read our novels that keep civilization intact.  How many people go to work in the morning to labor at a job then come home to garden, knit cook and tinker in the garage.  The power of all those busy people is a force to be reckoned with and feared by the destructive bullies of our world.

So what do we the people do with our power?  Too often we sit back and ignore the bullies as they go about destroying communities and spreading fear.  We can do better.

First we need to decide whose side we are on.  Do we want to hang with the bullies and spread fear, hate and destruction?  A large section of our population does.

At the end of the day, I can only conclude that the common builders, laborers, teachers, poets, architects, tinkerers and writers have the greatest power.  Choosing to build is not always easy when the fear is thick around us.  It takes real courage to choose not to give in to the fear.  It takes real determination to educate oneself.  It takes wisdom to listen to other’s opinions without prejudice.  In the end it takes the power of the humble person to choose the path of the builder.

A social psychologist, Delinda McCann has dedicated her life to making this a better world. You can find her books at http://www.amazon.com/Delinda-McCann/e/B00785DSMW