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Just Keep Moving by Louise Malbon-Reddix

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One thing we can all be certain of as we sojourn through this life is that things are going to happen. Things that are of both the good and of the bad variety. Qualifying what is good or bad in any one way is almost impossible to do.  Each person has their own personal traits and patterns of  behavior. Consequently, there are just as many ways to see things as there are people who see them.

What we all share in common is that we all experience emotions, but with a caveat.   Emotion is defined as an experience that is subjective and conscious, characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states. The physiological and biological actions that influence our emotions are hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine, noradrenalin, serotonin, oxytocin, cortisol and GABA. This I hope helps  to explain why each person experiences them in his or her own unique way.

Emotions like love and joy are actually good for anyone’s body.  Fear, hate and anger are good for the immediate need,  but to continue in any one of them too long can actually lead to physical problems in the body.  Yes, they can actually interfere with the body’s delicate internal balance of hormones and can interrupt the way that the brain’s chemicals work to help us with feelings of happiness. They can also deplete the immune system. Not to mention that they play a role in medical conditions such as hypertension, heart disease and stomach problems.

So what to do then?  I think that we can all handle those joyous and happy things that come into our lives along the way.  Perhaps a good thing to keep in mind here as we do go through the different stages of life is a simple phrase: Just Keep Moving. Some times and places are certainly easier to move through than others. So like with any journey pack some things to take a long with you as you go, to help you to Just Keep Moving!!!

Music, especially the music of your youth!!! Maybe even some of your mom’s too! Music can help you out of a few tight places.  Friends, for sure!  Some good friends. You know, the ones who love you for you. Memories; good ones for when the journey really gets tough. Some common sense, even though it isn’t common to all. Pack some patience, for there may be an occasion or even two or three where you will need to use it in order to keep things moving.  Pack some time. Because some things in life just take time (as in “You Can’t Push The River, You Just Have To Let It Flow”).  Not to worry though, because there is still movement!!! Some determination, and even some pride, will help to keep things moving as well.

What, you didn’t know that this life is a Journey?  Well, no time like the present to learn that simple phrase: Just Keep Moving!!


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Louise Malbon-Reddix, MPC, RN-CCRN

CEO; Victory Road Wellness Center

The Spirit to Care and the Skill to Help!

Author of -Stand In Your Anointment – This Too Shall Pass!

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-Caring Enough to Change