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The Music Never Stops by Sharla Shults



As the Earth spins, music is in the making! Much like the rotation of the Earth never stops, music resounds every day, every night, naturally plus imaginatively. It, too, never stops. Whether captured within the sounds of nature, vocalized, strummed, instrumentalized or hummed, it is ever present. Its beginning is as old as time itself, its ending will come at the end of time.

Each Fa La La…Tra La Boom De Ay…Boom Boom ShaBoom…NaNa-Nana-NaNa… everything before and after, as well as everything in between resonates harmony. Have you ever thought where we would be without music? Can you imagine a world without melody? Even everyday occurrences carry musical tones. Where there is sound there is rhythm even from the clanging cogs of wheels definitely not ‘in pitch’.

Journeys through time can be fascinating, especially when it comes to the evolution of music. Diversity, as well as commonality, intrigues us. Take ‘beats’ for instance, the pulsations which give music its regular rhythmic pattern. Even the banging of pots and pans can be noteworthy! As with any musical composition, each note has a notevalue, or duration, (that is, how long the note should last). The duration of a note is counted in beats, i.e., a whole note lasts 4 beats, a half-note lasts 2 beats, a quarter note lasts 1 beat, etc. Patterns of a group of beats form measures. This, of course, is a very simplistic way of representing music but once the concept of measure and beats is clear, music through the centuries becomes all the more connected.

Music in the 21st century is up for grabs. Many songs from the 50s all the way through the 90s still remain popular. Of course, it was by way of the 20s, 30s and 40s whereby music evolved into a passion relative to survival as many listeners would so declare today. Not all music born with the times survives. But, with music comes freedom…freedom to enjoy listening to one’s preferred choice whether for the energetic vibes, relaxation or healing. What one perceives as music comes from within. What strikes the heartstrings of one may not even emit the tiniest spark for another. So diverse are music styles that only by experimenting with different genres can listeners discern for themselves what appeals, or does not appeal, to their particular tastes.

Have you ever taken the time to listen to musical hits year-by-year with focus on their evolution…changes, as well as similarities, in rhythmic patterns? What about the beat? Now is your chance. A video link is provided below offering you a journey through time with song snippets hit-by-hit of some of the popular tunes from 1890 to 2009. Understand this is put together by one individual so it is obvious neither all ‘hits’ nor all popular recording artists of the times made it into the video. That would be impossible in just under 15 minutes! It is interesting enough, however, how the music evolves rhythmically with the change in times and which are still considered popular today. Listen for the change in beat and the progression in rhythm.

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaqokusDbbs

By the way, the concentration thus far has been on popular music. There is one type of music, however, that dates itself before medieval times, has outlived all genres finding itself still being performed by the best of the best musicians. This is not hip swinging boogie-woogie mainly associated with dancing nor your rappers who present a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted nor the ever-present rock ‘n’ roll. It is classical…that which goes much deeper, remains intrinsic, and is the foundation for all that is considered truly music!

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times… The music never stops! It keeps the sane man sane and lifts up the insane.

Sharla Lee Shults, author of inspirational and historical poetic writings – Echoes, Remembering and Awakenings – designed to awaken your thoughts and senses to echoes from the past as you remember discover and reflect.