Second Skin – By Linda Palmer

Second Skin – By Linda Palmer

Katy has finally broken free from her activist parents and the infamous Chandler name. Determined to excel at her first real job, she has pitched an idea to her editor at Single Ladies magazine and is now in the Colorado Rockies camping alone. It’s nature meets technology, the truly modern way to vacation without the help of a man. YouTube, camping blogs, “Survivor,” “Naked and Afraid”–she’s studied them all and can not only pitch a tent all by herself, but make fire out of practically nothing. Katy intends to document everything with photos and videos and then write the best article her editor has ever read.

But her notorious dad has other plans, the reason she’s greeted by a bodyguard the moment she sets foot in the mountains. Tall, dark, and dedicated, Tyler is also a member of the supernatural community–a shapeshifter as determined to be her second skin as she is determined to shed him. Now available at Amazon Kindle.

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