Resurrection Sunday

Sharing Christ on and After Resurrection Sunday
As Christians, we look at Resurrection Sunday as the most pivotal moment in life.  It’s when Jesus took our sins upon His shoulder, as it were, to guarantee our eternal life with God.  We were given the gift of salvation. What a remarkable gift! It marks something no other religion can say.  It marks our Risen Savior.  His thoughts and deeds didn’t stay in the ground as others.
Instead of talking about the typical things that come during this season, I’d like to focus on the “What’s next?”  You may ask, “Why this approach instead of the normal one?”  Good question.  Christians must make this real in the lives of others and ourselves.
You’ll undoubtedly see and hear a lot of white noise from those who feel they can doggedly eviscerate our beliefs.  Ironically, some of those individuals espouse “tolerance.”  Use it as an opportunity to clearly explain what you believe in.  Should you be offended if they don’t accept the offer of salvation?  Of course not.  You don’t have a heaven or hell to send them to.  Your job is to share Christ.  It’s Christ job to save them.  You have to love them.  However, don’t let the unbeliever derail you.  You know your eternal destination.  If they don’t, they soon will.

My question to Christians is a simple one.  What are you doing with this free gift?  Lets look at two things.  First, are you living in a way to attract people to Christ?  Or, are you helping them to “not want to be a Christian?”  Love, integrity, honesty, truthfulness are not our core values.  They’re foundational stones of our life.  They’re intricately interwoven into the fabric of our life. Our lifestyle must be different from secular society.  This will cause some problems since we won’t fit in.  Are you fitting in?  You shouldn’t if your life style mirrors Christ’s.  Your “difference” will draw people to God. 

Lastly, how’s your studying going?  You will seek to change your life as you learn more about what’s required of you.  The positive changes in your life will attract people to you.  They’ll want to learn why you’re happier than ever before.  They’ll want to be a part of what you’re enjoying.  The studying thing…well, you need to do it in order to know how you’re supposed to live.  The more you read and study, the easier it is to know how to live for Christ.  It’ll also help you to clearly articulate what we believe and to dispel myths and false beliefs.

I can see why some don’t want to be a part of the Christian family.  I was one of those people.  I saw so much duplicity in their lifestyle.  I looked for reasons to discredit them.  After all, if I discredited them then I couldn’t be held accountable for the things that I was doing wrong. Ironically, I failed to look at my lifestyle while I was pointing fingers at them. I have a feeling there are a lot of people feeling like I use to feel.  We have such a wonderful gift.  Lets share it.  I don’t know of a lot of people who want a horrible gift. Why would they want this gift we’re talking about if they see us acting in a way incongruent to our beliefs?

Lets not make Resurrection Sunday another solemn day but go back to our unchristian ways as soon as church ends.  No, let it encourage us to strive even higher in service to Him forevermore!   

Yves N. Johnson is the Founder of Christ Is My Savior Ministries, LLC.  He has spoken both Nationally and Internationally.  His subjects range from personal development to Spiritual Warfare.  Yves recently published second book, Outside The Wire: Every Man’s Guide For Spiritual Warfare.  His debut book was, There Is No Gray In Moral Failure: A Practical Guide In Preventing Financial and Sexual Abuse.
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10 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday

  1. Linda Hales

    Thanks Yves. I’ve noticed lately that key people in my life are shifting toward Jesus for the first time. His name is slipping into conversations ever more often and it is so heartening to see it happen. I’m watching it take shape and it is beautiful to see. The truth is in each of us and when it begins to stir, we’re ready to learn.

  2. Diane Piron-Gelman

    When I was a kid, going to Mass at St. Mary’s Church, we used to sing a wonderful hymn: “And They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”. Now, as part of an interfaith family, I see that same love through a different prism. Whatever spiritual “road map” we use to get there, the love remains the same. A timely reminder at Easter. 🙂

  3. R. L. Cherry

    Christianity is a life, not just a Sunday outing. Too often that’s all it is. To use the old saying, it’s not about talking the talk, but walking the walk. As you said, we aren’t here to judge, but to love. Happy Easter.

  4. Micki Peluso

    When I was just entering my teens, raised in a Babtist Church which preached fire and brimstone, they required everyone to carry their bibles and literally be an ambassador for Christ. That seems reasonable, except that as a teenager, I suffered the usual pangs of fitting in–and carrying around a bible was not helping. I was teased and shunned. Soon the bible stayed home. I realized later that it was my example to others that helped lead them to salvation, not carrying the bible or preaching at them.

    I’m thrilled and happy to see, as Linda pointed out, that almost everyone I meet is offering prayers, openly speaking about God and love, and living a Christian life–by example. I also have many Jewish friends who are ‘living’ their faith in God–it’s amazing to see. It makes me believe that for all the evil we have in this world–and it is legion, living and loving in the likeness of our Creator will overcome evil, and help us face and stand up to whatever the future holds.

  5. Salvatore Buttaci

    Jesus rose from the dead to show us that we too will rise from the dead and be judged for what we did and did not do in this life. Christ conquered the finality of death, he atoned for mankind’s sins, and he demonstrated the greatest love this world has ever known. By rising on that first Easter, he offers us a peace this life of ours cannot give.

  6. Delinda

    Thanks for the reminder that we need to be aware of how we reflect our beliefs. Too often the world sees an image of hate among Christians when we should be projecting love. They see hypocrisy when they should see love and rejection when they should see acceptance. Let us all be aware of our walk.


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