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I Don’t Want to Leave!


            A park in Paris. What could be nicer? Or, as we French say, “Qu’a pu être plus gentil?” The weather was lovely. The smells perfect. It was heaven. Pigeons and sparrows to watch. An occasional dog to be ignored. After all, they are beneath me. I have been in shows and have a reputation. My parents had taken me to Paris as a birthday present, and I was going to show those French dogs how a real poodle prances. Others who took no notice of my presence must have never been privileged to my status.

They had taken me to see all the sites, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, L’Arc de Triomphe. We stayed at Hôtel Regina at deux Place des Pyramides with a golden statue of Jean d’Arc in the center of the square, next to Rue de Rivoli and the Louvre. Four star all the way. Dad and Mom took me for evening strolls in front of the museum. Very fitting in my estimation, especially when Dad had to pick up after me. Class all the way, no mess left behind. I do enjoy a good walk. “J’apprécie une bonne promenade avec les humains.” Besides, boring walks are for those beneath my celebrated stature.

“It’s time to leave,” Mom said as she stifled a yawn.

I don’t want to leave!

“Gigi needs to take a nap before dinner.”

No I don’t! Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean I am!

Dad checked his watch. “Yeah, it’s five-thirty. She was a royal pest last night at the café. So overtired, she wouldn’t stay still, kept going from lap to lap.”

I wasn’t overtired. I was bored. Parents can be so misinformed.

My father picked up the bags of souvenirs while Mom gathered her camera and my leash.

“Come on, Gigi,” Dad stated. “Time to get back to the hotel for your nap.”

Nap? Je n’ai pas besoin d’un petit somme; je veux jouer! No nap for me !

A fragrant leaf fell nearby. I investigated with a whole-hearted sniff. Is that hamburger with a dash of béarnaise sauce? The French sure know how to cook!

Mom pulled me towards the exit. I made my objections known.

“Tisk,” I stated. “Tisk, tisk, tisk.” Why don’t they respond? I’m dead serious about my unhappiness. “Tisk, tisk, tisk!”

“Honey,” Mom said to Dad, “isn’t Gigi so cute? She’s upset about leaving the park and is tisking.”

Renversement? Naturellement je suis bouleversé.

“She’s a sweetie,” he admitted lovingly.

I know I’m cute. I’m the Dauphine. It’s says so on my papers—Dauphine Giselle. That’s a royal French title. Since I’m the Dauphine, I shouldn’t have to leave this park. This is Le Tuiliers and was intended for royalty like me! This is MY park.

“Have you noticed all the people who want to pet her? She’s the prettiest toy poodle in Paris,” Mom spoke to Dad.

Prettiest toy poodle? I bet I’m the only toy poodle; all the others are bigger and not nearly as beautiful.

At the crosswalk, Mom picked me up. She gave me gentle kisses on the top of my head. This won’t get you off the hook. All those kisses won’t change the fact that you took me from the park. Waiting for the light to change, I kept tisking. I hoped by some miracle my pleas would cause them to turn around and go back to the park. Then I tried the pout. You know that ploy that few parents can resist. Nope. Not one reaction.

Once we crossed the street on the same block as the hotel, Mom spotted a dog. A nice old lady held a snippy little Yorkie named Luc. He was cute and sniffed at me, but definitely not my type. He was a dog after all and not a poodle. There are some standards, which must be maintained. Poodles are people, and in my estimation, all the rest are dogs. I greeted him cordially and wasn’t rude, but he clearly knew his place in the social stratosphere. Luc’s Mom patted me on the head. She was kind and I didn’t hold it against her that she didn’t recognize the superior qualities that is poodle.

In the lobby, we paused to enjoy the luxurious surroundings. Still very disheartened with my parents, I made a point of stopping at the reception desk to voice my objection, stood squarely and looked up at Jean-Paul, the concierge. “Wow, wow, wow,” in my best French accent. “Wow, wow!”

“Monsieur and Madame, Gigi is adorable,” Jean-Paul replied with a thick French accent as he looked down from the towering desk.

            Adorable? Non. Je suis magnifique!

“Merci, Jean,” Mom answered. “We’re off to our room so Gigi can have a nap.”

She’s back to the nap thing again. Mom’s got a one-track mind.

Dad added, “You know how children can be when overtired.”

Mom received my famous eye roll. She didn’t get that message either. Resigned that there would be no more park for the rest of the day, I headed to the elevator.

“Look, after only one night, she knows the way to the elevator,” Jean-Paul mentioned.

Of course, I remember where the elevator is—I am a poodle after all!

When the elevator doors opened, Mom released the leash. I scampered down the hall to room 318. Dad and Mom trailed behind as I sat there giving the cutest tail wag I could muster. It seemed to me, they wanted the nap, and I was merely their excuse.

“Gigi is so smart,” Dad mentioned proudly. “Look, she knows where the room is.”

Duh, Dad. You were holding me when you checked into this hotel, and I remembered the room number. Jean-Paul must’ve mentioned it at least twice. After all, I can read, all poodles can; it’s dogs who can’t read.


Card-key in slot. Familiar buzz sounded. I ran in and around, jumped on the bed and settled between the two pillows. Don’t nap, I told myself, just rest my eyes so they think I’m sleeping.

The next thing I remembered was Mom waking me up for dinner. A nice piece of steak was my reward. I’ll never admit to taking that nap!

Note from author: Is there a real Gigi in our lives? Yes. She’s a breathing, pompous white toy retired show poodle who stole our hearts and runs the roost. The incident described is the truth, as I imagined what thoughts ran through her cute little mind.


© 2013 Cynthia B. Ainsworthe

IPPY Award Winner, Front Row Center, romance

Reader’s Favorite International Award Winner, The Speed of Dark, fiction anthology, Clayton C Bye

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Front-Row-Center-Cynthia-Ainsworthe/dp/0980245907/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1345825833&sr=1-1&keywords=cynthia+b+ainsworthe

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21 thoughts on “We’ve Reached 100,000 Hits!

  1. Kenneth Weene

    I love dog stories. I hope some folks will share their experiences traveling with Fido. Our dog, Uncle, insisted on proper room service. She loved hotels and expected a good breakfast. Took her coffee hot and sweet, her eggs scrambled, her bacon crisp, preferred wholewheat toast with butter and strawberry jam (NO GRAPE). Home fries were okay, not hash-browns. Did I mention coffee, hot and sweet. Yeah, two cups. She never cared for parks, preferring places where there were cows and horses. Oh the memories.

    1. Cynthia B Ainsworthe

      Ken, Uncle sounds adorable. Gigi thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment and thinks Uncle would be a nice friend. She mentioned, “Uncle is a girl after my own heart. She completely understands how to live life–the best of everything.”

  2. Martha Love

    What a fun story about Gigi, and she is most adorable! Thank you, I really do love dog stories! I think a book of collected dog stories would be fun to publish.

    I am pet sitting this week for my shih tzu grand pup, Momo, and have now been wondering how she would tell the story of our visit with her. Don’t think she thinks we are too smart, since we don’t know all her routines perfectly.

    I have not had the experience of traveling with a dog to another country, but many years ago my husband, children, our handsome black lab Dragon and I did take a long road trip all around the country in a van painted with fairy stars all over it. That lasted several months and Dragon got lost once in Birmingham, Alabama, after he took off exploring while we were at a gas station. It only set us back on our trip schedule a few hours in searching for him, but it scared us beyond words. He was an amazing travel dog, a rather royal gypsy dog and loved the car. Once we finally got home to California, he took off a few days later never to be seen by us again and we think he found another traveler to live with.

    I am sure Gigi would have no interest in mere car travel but she and Dragon would have surely been friends.

    1. Cynthia B Ainsworthe

      Martha, Thank you for your wonderful comment and sharing your experience with Dragon. I feel Dragon was a free spirit up for many adventures. Gigi brings such joy to our lives. Everyday brings a new surprise.

  3. Delinda

    Cher Gigi, Mon frère et moi est les poodles aussi. We are standards. We like to hunt deer and raccoons. We love to stay in hotels too. We’ve never been to the places you visited but we liked reading your story. – Huck and Woody./Users/delindamccann/Desktop/P1010226.JPG

    1. Cynthia B Ainsworthe

      Cher Huck et Woody, I am delighted you enjoyed my story. I have a few friends who are standard poodles, too. I’m too small to hunt deer and racoons, but I do enjoy chasing a squirrel now and then. I wouldn’t chase an invited guest. Squirrels! They have no manners what so ever!

  4. Michelle Wampole

    Lovely little story. Put a big smile on my face. ツ
    I have two little girls. Poppy, the Rat Terrier, and Linda (aka Little Bean), the Chihuahua.
    I often find myself imagining what it is they must be thinking.
    Gigi is absolutely adorable, and you gave her her own unique voice in this story.

    1. Cynthia B Ainsworthe

      Michelle, Thank you for sharing your love for Poppy and Linda. They sound adorable. I enjoyed seeing the video of Poppy you posted on another site. Fur babies bring such joy to our lives. A true blessing.

  5. Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins

    Bon Jour Gigi,

    Our little Jenger who was an apricot toy poodle and who is now in heaven would have loved your story of adventure as Sandy and Pierre. Jenger was our little angel and Houdini that loved adventure. One day while at a hotel on the west coast she stayed indoors so as not to get sandy (she hated to get dirty) but while inside decided to check out a square kleenex box. While she emptied the contents, she got her tiny head stuck inside the box and greeted us at the door with a tired woof from inside the four corners of her captive box. Some site to see! Your great story gave us back our tiny Jenger if only for a brief time. Thank you so much Cynthia.

    1. Cynthia B Ainsworthe

      Mamie, What a delightful story about Jenger. I can visualize her antics as I read your comment. I can see her cute face in my mind’s eye. I’m glad Gigi’s Paris adventure brought back pleasant memories of your fur baby. Our pet children bring such love and joy with their own individual personalities. They are truly one of life’s blessings.

  6. Scott C. Brown

    Very nicely inked, Cynthia!
    I’m looking forward to your next novel, as your writing continues to be forged and strengthened. You are truly becoming a well-rounded writer. Not simply a great novelist!
    Carpe Diem!

    1. Cynthia B Ainsworthe

      Scott, Thanks for those words of encouragement. Working with you on the script has strengthened my talent. You are a wealth of information. No one could want a better mentor in the movie realm, and writing in general.

  7. Marta Merajver-Kurlat

    Cynthia, what an absolutely delightful story! Gigi is an adorable character through your skillful pen.
    Let me second Mr. Brown here: you’re growing into a fully-fledged WRITER, which is much more than an excellent novelist!

  8. Donna Wharton

    Paris sounds exciting. One day I would like to go. I was looking at the picture of you and your dog sleeping and thinking that is how my Pearl sleeps with me. Pearl is my Persian cat and she loves to sleep on my shoulder too. Funny how they pick a certain spot isn’t it? 😀

  9. Julie McDonough

    I loved Gigi’s story, I hope we will hear many more from her. I have always tried to imagine what my dog is thinking, hopefully good thoughts. I know she brings me joy.


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