Death of a Nation By Delinda McCann

This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York Island

Woody Guthrie

Our country is our home. We are rightfully proud of the many things we as a people have accomplished together. Our great experiment with a democratic representative form of government is something to be proud of. Our statements of equality among all people and our struggles to attain that ideal are worthy of praise.

Like any great experiment we need to be asking ourselves where are we in the process? Is the experiment over? Did we succeed or did we fail? We’ve had some glorious moments. Have we fallen short of the goal? Is there any way we can get the experiment back on track?

Note: I’m not touting any great success story here. We’ve become a nation perpetually at war, not as the world’s police force enforcing justice and defending freedom, but at war to support the profits of a few.

We are no longer either a democracy or a republic. We are an oligarchy, quickly sliding toward fascism. The United States of America has become the world’s greatest threat to peace and prosperity. Within our own country, we send men and women to fight in wars to protect the economic interest of the few. When those men and women return home broken in body, mind and spirit, we send them to live in the streets among the elderly, and disabled.

We made some progress in cleaning up air and waterways, but our drinking water has become compromised and except for the efforts of the poor, nothing is done to protect our drinking water.

We aren’t doing too well in many respects as a nation. Our economy is dedicated to the greed of a few, yet the poor get the blame for the conditions in this country. Racism is blatant and growing. The notion of caring for the sick, disabled and elderly, has almost disappeared from public policy.

War, bigotry, corruption and pollution all exist to enrich the oligarchy. Nobody is safe from the oligarchs in the US. Where will this lead. Can we as a people unite and turn our backs on the corrupt power elite? Are we too fragmented to do so?

What have we become and what is the moral answer to our dilemma? Some people are waiting for a hero to raise up out of the oligarch class and lead us to freedom. Heroes do not come from among the rich and powerful. Hoping for one of the oligarchs to solve our problems is futile.

From around the fringes of society, we hear people asking should we dissolve this union. Is dissolution the only moral option? By breaking into three to five smaller nations, we can dissipate resources in such a manner as to make it more challenging for the oligarchs to go to war.

Is it time for a constitutional amendment that expels certain states from the union because they refuse to live by the morally bankrupt standards embraced by more fearful regions? Should we dissolve into regions that have common issues and values and let other regions go their own way?

It is time to ask the questions and hold the discussions. With dissolution as the stick driving us forward can we unite for the common good? Maybe this country has reached the point where the common good cannot be served without a final amendment to the constitution stating that due to irreconcilable differences geopolitical regions with common interests may go their separate ways.

Delinda McCann is a mostly-retired social psychologist. During her professional career she worked with at risk youth and individuals with disabilities. Her research in the field of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome led her to become an advisor to several governments. To ease the stress created by working in the disabilities field, she took up gardening. Never one to do things in a small way, Delinda now runs a small farm and sells cut flowers. She writes general fiction based on her experience as a social psychologist. She has published five novels. She expresses her sense of humor in many of her short stories. She’s also published numerous professional articles on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Youth At-Risk. The professional articles are rather academic and dry, but Delinda pulls what she knows about human behavior, disabilities and youth into her fiction.

You may purchase her books at:

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12 thoughts on “Death of a Nation By Delinda McCann

  1. Steve Lindahl

    Thank you, Delinda, for a well written, thoughtful post.

    I don’t believe we’ve ever had a corruption free government, but we did have a system where politicians had to appeal to the general public to get elected. That all changed with the Citizens United decision by the Supreme court. Now they appeal to the sources of big money, whose needs are not the same as the needs of the rest of us.

    1. Delinda Mccann

      I agree. Citizens United gave us an obscene level of corruption while eliminating the power of the people to check that corruption. It seems unlikely we will be able to overturn that corruption.

  2. Patricia Dusenbury

    I share your hour at much of what is going on re the environment and at the growing income inequality that is tearing the fabric of our society. Income inequality started increasing in the 1970s and really took off in the 1980s. Trickle down economics is a cruel fraud. (Here’s a reference to an impartial and informative analysis.

    As for breaking the country into pieces: Calexit will be on my next ballot, and I will vote no. I don’t want to make even a symbolic gesture in that direction. I’m an optimist and think that things have reached the point where people cannot ignore what’s happening, and the pendulum will swing backwards. At least I hope so.

  3. Cynthia B Ainsworthe

    Clayton, Thanks for this excellent post. Government has dark workings in the shadows. I feel this is the norm, and not a good norm at that. Case in point, look at the success of the TV series “House of Cards” by Kevin Spacey. I bet there’s a lot of truth in those scripts.

  4. Micki Peluso

    Thanks Delinda for a well-written insight into the problems of government today and the reactions of the Nation. As Steve points out there has always been corruption in government and probably always will; thus the proverbial saying, ‘An honest politician is an oxymoron.’ Yet today it seems so much more blatant. Perhaps the onslaught of media coverage and fake news plus our easy access to what’s happening through the internet makes it seem that way. There seems to be so much more hatred, racism and bigotry surrounding us, or perhaps we have forgotten our history–the Civil War, slavery, Korea, Vietnam and the very worst—the holocaust. We promote peace yet are warlike. I had given much thought to our states that choose to secede from the union, but while reading your article I had a flash of our country breaking up into warlike mini countries like the Arabia countries, constantly at war with each other and it was horrifying. As is my fear for the future of our children in a nation that has lost it’s focus on its reason for being.

  5. John Rosenman

    Delinda, thanks for this honest assessment of the American experiment. I’m not sure it’s quite this bad or that we should play taps over America’s death and hope it splits up or rests in peace. Is America an oligarchy ruled by the power elite? Sometimes it seems like we’re getting closer and closer to it. I felt a little heartened when Trumpcare never came to a vote, but perhaps it’s just a short reprieve. Make no mistake: there are forces that don’t give a damn about democracy or the common people. Trump is cancelling Obama’s policies concerning the EPA, and he shouts “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” But what it is mostly about is a way for the ultra rich to make more money and to hell with the environment we all depend on in order to survive.

    I keep thinking of the ending of the movie “Network”. The rebel newscaster is informed by a spokesman for the mega-conglomerates that rule the world that he “must atone” for shaking the world money tree and endangering profits. What contempt and disdain those oligarchs must feel for the rest of humanity
    — for us, in other words.

    1. Delinda Mccann

      A study done at Princeton looking at the legislation passed since 2000 concluded that we’ve clearly moved into a state of oligarchy. All legislation except for a couple pieces benefit a few wealthy corporate conglomerates. The trouble with the ACA, while it did expand coverage, it did n[t eliminate or sufficiently control insurance companies. They were getting rich. The same can be said for all the recent legislation and since Citizen’s United anything goes as long as you can buy a member of the house or Senate.

  6. James L. Secor

    This one, this corruption, this “failure” of the experiment is about treason and traitorousness. A very different game. But. . .splitting the nation is like trying to find the Midwest. Or, maybe. . .maybe it would be leaving the dregs of poison in the bottle. . .Nation of Texas; The Deep South, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III president; California, better known as Tinsel Graceland; The Northwest Territory; give the Dakotas back to the Sioux and the Cheyenne; Uhmmmmmmm. . .who’s going to make the decisions? The Caribbean islands own all the money. Hey!–maybe we should declare war on the islands! But leave Cuba alone: we need somewhere to summer. Except for the Constitutional Lawyers and the regular sort who consort with Confucius’ Rectification of Terms–send them to Nevada. Boy, Delinda! You got’s some good ideas! Whut’s next?

    1. Delinda Mccann

      Not sure I promote this, but we do need to look at where we are going. As to where to divide, we have broken into regions with common interests, which is part of the problem. Nobody much likes those west coast hippie liberals or what did you say? Tinsel Graceland? Other people are not particularly fond of rednecks. This is the problem. We have fairly clear ideas of who we would want to boot out.

  7. James L. Secor

    As I satirized. Not only can you say we don’t know what we want (or believe?) but the ideologues in Congress don’t have the slightest idea what they’re doing. The only thing good about having traitors running the gov’t at the moment is that it is bringing a majority together and putting pressure on the assholes. 240 yrs after the beginnings, it seems many are just discovering what democracy is all about. At the people’s level. At the governmental level, there is still an inability to act. You want to be scared? If Trump goes, it’s Pence (who’s been implicated), and when Pence goes it’s Paul Ryan; but as he’s maybe compromised, we get Orrin Hatch. Brrr!


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