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Movie Kisses

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For me personally, everything is on a kiss.

Anna Friel, Actress

There is nothing better than a good movie or TV kiss…if it’s done right. In my opinion, the perfect ones are about timing, emotion, risk, and repercussions, all of which impact the plot. I’m definitely a connoisseur and have actually recorded a DVD of my favorite lip locks. My granddaughter and I have been known to video perfect kisses and text them to each other. Obviously, we’re both hopeless romantics.

Below is list of my top five flawless kisses as seen on the big or small screen. (I’d be blogging for weeks if I tried to list them all.) These scenes are all on YouTube, by the way, so if you’re curious, check them out.

  1. Catching Fire

If you’re familiar with the Hunger Games movies, you probably know where I’m going, but here’s a brief set up. The time is post apocalyptic, and the USA aka Panem is under the control of President Snow, who demands that two unlucky participants from every district compete in vicious, to-the-death games. Their purpose is to entertain the rich while reminding the oppressed who is in control. At the end of the competition, Catniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark cleverly threaten a double suicide at a point when one should kill the other and be declared winner. The crowd goes wild, of course–young love, ill-fated romance. Although Catniss is in love with someone else, she and Peeta must keep up the charade. In retaliation for their beating the system, President Snow hosts another game in which all previous winners will compete against each other. Catniss is not popular with the other champions even though some of them mysteriously align with her and Peeta. They think she is faking it, probably because she is. Peeta, however, is not. He has loved her forever.

The perfect kiss comes when Peeta runs into a force field and is killed. While another contestant in their alliance of four does CPR, Catniss basically freaks out. Peeta is revived. She swoops in and gives him a kiss from the heart—one that is instinctual, passionate, and honest. Their companions realize that Catniss really loves Peeta. And the best part? Catniss and Peeta realize it, too. Perfect.

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2

This is the seventh and last installment in the Harry Potter movies. By now, we know that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are in love, though they keep the romance low-key. Their world is literally crashing around them as Hogwarts is bombarded with evil spells and invaded by giants, spiders, Deatheaters, and Dementors (soul suckers). In the middle of the chaos, Ginny and Harry see each other and share a split-second kiss before they each race off in a different direction to continue fighting the evil. We see their love; we see their courage; we see their priorities. We realize in that moment that doing the right thing means great personal sacrifice. Perfect.

  1. The Saint

Brief setup: Simon Templar is a thief trying to reach 50 million dollars in his bank account so he can move on. Dr. Emma Russell is an introverted, slightly eccentric scientist who has almost conquered cold fusion. She keeps her equations on small cards and is constantly working to rearrange them and get the sequencing down, the final step to free fuel for everyone.

Simon’s next assignment? Steal the formula so that someone will get very rich selling instead of giving it the world. He’s ruthless. She’s too inexperienced to see it. From the moment he begins his tailor-made seduction, her wide-open heart works a miracle in him. And by the time she knows his truth, they’re both in deep, inconvenient love.

What’s most wonderful about their kisses, especially after they’ve bared their souls to each other, is that they’re always smiling or laughing as their lips touch. And the final kiss in the movie is the best of them all because she knows she has him and he honestly doesn’t mind. She has all the self-confidence in the world. He’s found his heart and changed his ways.  Perfect.

  1. “Bones”

Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan is a forensic pathologist. Former sniper Seeley Booth is an FBI agent. They work together to solve murders. Over the course of the series (which just ended its tenth season), the two of them fall in love and marry. When they’re together at the FBI headquarters, they maintain a strict professional façade. In fact, someone who didn’t know them would never guess they’re in love.

In an episode in season six, there’s some very bad stuff going down. Bones is being threatened by a serial killer; Booth is struggling to concentrate on the job he has to do. They are talking in the hall at the FBI offices when he suddenly catches her in his arms and kisses her like there’s no tomorrow (which is a possibility). Of course she kisses him back. We see his rebellion and determination, with a dash of fear. We see her confidence in her guy. The FBI sees two people very much in love. Perfect.

  1. The Lake House

Kate Forster, a doctor, lives in a beautiful house on the lake. Alex Wyler, the architect who built the house, lives there, too. The problem? They’re two years apart in time and communicate via letters they put in the mailbox. Though they brush shoulders a time or two in person, it’s as strangers. Does this make sense? Not really, but as we watch these two lonely people fall in love via their letters, we easily accept that glitch in time and desperately want them to find a way to bridge it.

The kiss comes at the end of the movie. Kate learns that the reason the lake house was available to rent is because the former owner (Alex) died in a horrible accident. Can she save him if she warns him? She puts a letter in the box begging him to stay away from the accident site, wait two years, and come to her at the lake house. Will it work?

As she huddles by the mailbox, hoping with all her heart, the red flag on it goes down, and the door opens and shuts. Does he have the letter? Will he come? We hear a pickup truck approaching. Alex gets out of it and walks to her. She says, “You waited.” He swoops in for a kiss that reveals how long two years can be, how much they love each other, and how joyful their forever after is going to be. Perfect.


Linda Palmer has been a shameless romantic for as long as she can remember. Her first crush was on Roy Rogers, with Flash Gordon, Robin Hood, and Zorro right behind, all of them way too old for her. She began writing for pleasure in the third grade and has letters from her teachers predicting she’d be an author. Though that was never actually a dream, it was something she did naturally and eventually with intent. Silhouette Books published Linda’s first novel in l989 and the next twenty over a ten year period (writing as Linda Varner, her maiden name). In 1999 she took a break to take care of her growing family. She learned that she couldn’t not write, however, and began again, changing her genre to young adult/new adult/adult paranormal romance, written under her married name. Linda now has a lot of novels and novellas available as ebooks and in print. As for those hero crushes, she admits she still has them, but now they’re all too young for her. Her website is Facebook her: Linda Varner Palmer. Twitter @ lvarnerpalmer.

I love the paranormal romance genre! by Maggie Tideswell


Let’s face it; love really is all around us. When you read a murder mystery or horror novel there are usually romantic elements. People fall in love. Even in the most unexpected or dangerous situations, people find each other. It is human nature.

What fascinates me about romance is, firstly, which characteristics attract people to each other enough to fall in love and, secondly, which traits keep them in love for a lifetime when one in three relationships fail.

Then there’s my fascination with the paranormal. People want to be scared. Fright gets the primitive fight or flight response going. And that is where the paranormal comes in. When I say paranormal I don’t mean zombies and vampires. Creatures with tentacles and many teeth also don’t interest me. Those are not scary and only have entertainment value as far as I’m concerned. My intent isn’t to put authors of those genres down. All I’m saying is that those elements aren’t what I write about. I’m interested in what isn’t visible to the eye–things that go bump in the night, ‘nothing is as it seems’, and witches getting up to mischief or doing genuine work to help. And of course, ghosts!

We all have those creepy little experiences of something moving just at the edge of vision, and when you look, there’s nothing there. Or the sounds we hear for which there are no logical explanations. And who of us haven’t known what was going to happen next or what somebody was going to say before it actually happened? This is what’s termed déjà vu.

People are not always what they seem. It’s a known fact that people represent themselves in the best light and what they show to the world is only the tip of the iceberg of their personality. I like to say people wear ‘masks’ to hide their true selves from others, for reasons of their own.

But my biggest interest is ghosts and why some people seem to get stuck on the earthbound plane after death. I even joined a paranormal investigation group, but I’m yet to come face to face with a ghost I could have a conversation with. I’ve been told I look too hard, and that ‘s why I’m unlikely to see a ghost, but I do experience them. On one occasion I had fallen asleep on the couch and I startled awake with the distinct feeling that somebody was leaning over me. There was nobody there, but the room had been freezing. It was the middle of summer.

Romance in combination with the paranormal is what I write. Instead of placing my characters in mortal danger of burning buildings, an erratic gunman or in the path of a tidal wave, I scare them with what they cannot see.

Maggie Tideswell’s first book, a paranormal romance titled Dark Moon, was published by All Things That Matter Press in 2011 and her second, Moragh, Holly’s Ghost, also in the paranormal romance genre, was published in July 2013. Her stories reflect her interest of things unexplained. Maggie loves books (the smell of paper), tea, wine, and her cat Felix is her constant companion.